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Sparrow Crane Hire purchase 7 new cranes from Terex AC40-2L | AC100-4L | 60T Class Challenger 3180

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UK based crane rental company Sparrow Crane Hire has purchased seven new cranes from Terex – five 40 tonne two axle AC40-2L, a 100 tonne AC100-4L and a three axle 60 tonne class Challenger 3180.

The new cranes have been ordered as part of a fleet update and renewal programme, joining a good number of existing Terex cranes in the fleet.

Lee Sadler of Sparrow Crane Hire said: “We believe the Terex AC40-2L delivers in terms of value, capacity, ease of servicing and parts availability for Mobile Crane Hire. These models are bread and butter earners therefore good availability and reliability are essential. They are replacements for our AC35 and AC35L models.”

“With its 2.5 metre wide chassis, the AC100-4L was our preferred choice for value, capability and duties. It can access sites which present space and manoeuvrability issues whilst competing in the 120 tonne capacity class on boom length. With the Challenger 3180, a crane unique in its class, we get the bonus of a compact, three axle crane with a 50 metre boom, but with a lifting capacity bordering on a 70-80 tonne crane.”

Terex Cranes general manager, Lee Maynard added: “Our relationship with Sparrows has always been excellent and over the years we have consistently listened to, and acted upon, their feedback. For example, the AC40-2L is an updated AC35L which includes a number of modifications and enhancements designed to further improve performance.”