Terex AC40-2L

Terex AC40-2L Most compact 3-axle crane in its category. Longest main boom in its category with 37.4 m and a maximum tip height of 47 m. Fully hydraulic boom system provides shortest telescopic times and high load telescoping capacities. State-of-the-art DaimlerChrysler engine technology type OM 906 LA, Euromot 3a. Spacious comfortable upper cab with sliding door and large hinged windscreen. Carrier cab two seats, air-conditionned.

Terex AC40-2L


Max. load capacity 40T
Max Main Boom Length 37.4 m
Max System Length 45.4 m
Max tip height of 47 m
Fully hydraulic boom system

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Main boom
37.4 m. Boom base and 4 telescopic sections fabricated from high-strength fine grain structural steel. 1 double-acting cylinder for 2 extensions for sequential telescoping with synchronizsation of tescopes 4 and 5 by means of cables.

5.5 t.

Hydraulic system
Powered by carrier engine, 1 variable displacement axial piston pump and separate fixed displacement pump permitting 4 independent movements to be performed simultaneously, hydraulic oil cooler. Reservoir capacity: 300 l.

Fixed displacement axial piston hydraulic motor, hoist drum with integrated planetary gear reducer, and spring-applied multi-disk brake.

Slew unit
Hydraulic motor with planetary gear reducer, pedal-operated brake, spring-applied holding brake.

Boom elevation
1 differential cylinder with automatic lowering brake valve.

Crane cab
Comfortable all-steel cab with sliding door, hinged windscreen, tinted windows, corrosion-resistant coating, hot air heater. Dashboard with instrumentation and crane controls. Working light.

Safety devices
Electronic safe load indicator, hoist limit switch, pressure relief and safety holding valves.

Stowage facility
On side and rear.


Drive / steering
4 x 4 x 4.

Monobox main frame with integral outrigger boxes fabricated from high-strength fine grain structural steel.

4 fully hydraulic telescopic outrigger beams and jacks. Electronic levelling indicators.

Water-cooled 6 cylinder DaimlerChrysler engine OM 906 LA, rating 205 kW (279 HP) at 2200 1/min, max. torque 1100 Nm at 1200-1600 1/min, certified in compliance with EURO MOT 3a, Tier 3 and CARB. Fuel tank capacity: 250 l. Integrated spark catcher.

Automated powershift transmission with torque converter and integral transfer case, 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, longitudinal differential lock-out control.

Axles 1 and 2: planetary hub reduction, steering, with transverse differential lock-out control.

Hydropneumatic suspension, axles 1 and 2 hydraulically lockable. Automatic or manual levelling.

Wheels and tyres
4 wheels fitted with 16.00 R 25 tyres, single wheels on all axles.

Dual-circuit hydraulic steering complying with EC directives. Crab steering on job site.

Service brake: dual-line air system acting on all wheels, ABS. Parking brake: spring-loaded type on both axles. Sustained action brake: exhaust brake and constant choke valve.

Electrical equipment
24 V system.

2-man driver's cab
Rubber-mounted all-steel cab, corrosion-resistant coating, tinted windows, driver’s seat and 2nd man’s seat, full instru-mentation and travel controls, rotary beacons, folding step. Electrically adjustable and heated outside mirrors.

Optional Equipment

Main boom extension
Side folding 1-part jib, 8 m, offsettable at 0°, 20°, 40°.

Main boom extension offsetable under load
Side folding 1-part jib, 8 m, hydraulically offsetable 0° to 40° from the operator cab.

Hoist II
Fixed-displacement axial piston motor with integrated planetary reducer.

Rooster sheave
Side folding boom head sheave for single-line operation.

Hook blocks
15 t, 22.5 t, 25 t, 32 t, 40 t and single line hook 5 t.

14.00 R 25, 20.5 R 25.

Telma brake retarder

Bi-carburation system 
Tank capacity 120 l

Air-conditioning for upper cab Limitation of working radius

Searcher hook
Cool box