What you need to know when booking your crane

It is essential that the company practices good risk management by identifying, addressing, and controlling any risks that may exist prior to or during a lift.

That they aim to provide the right information to make the project the most cost-effective and efficient. Just small changes can increase your profit margin.

So knowing what to use, it is essential to get expert help to calculate what is the right sized crane for the location, the size of the project, the length of time on the site, and the weight of the items etc.

For example on small sites with a small number of workers and the largest capacity of the lift is just a couple of tonnes could mean that it is a small building project lifting pallets of bricks, blocks, and mortar then a small remote control Pedestrian Operated Crane is probably the most cost-effective choice.

With remote control, it is possible to have just one worker required to both drive the crane and then operate the crane.

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Types of Cranes

Tower Cranes

You usually see Tower cranes along city skylines and are used to build tall structures. The components of a tower crane are known as a mast—and an outstretched jib.

It can rotate 360 degrees around the mast, this motion is called slewing.

There are three different types of tower cranes:

Luffing Tower Cranes for instance are more expensive than 'A-Frame' or otherwise known as a Hammerhead tower crane.

  • They lift heavier capacities.
  • Are suitable for work in congested areas and/or with several other cranes because of their reduced slewing radius.

Self-erecting tower cranes include a horizontal jib and mast which is mounted to a ballast. It has the ability to fold and unfold and is self erecting which can be erected on site, can be operated by remote control.

  • They have a lighter frame
  • Are transportable
  • Have a lower max load capacity

These are most suitable for circumstances where:

  • Construction requires restricted areas for instance a small space between buildings
  • Where very heavy lifts are not required
  • When frequent erection, dismantling, and transportation of equipment is required
Types of Mobile Cranes

The name of each crane suggests the location or terrain they are most suitable for.

Mobile cranes consist of an outstretched telescopic boom. They may be mounted on a truck or other mobile structure that travels via treads or tires.

The boom can rotate up to 360 degrees and extend to varying lengths depending on the type and size of the crane. They are not restricted to a fixed position and can move throughout a construction site or even between sites.

Types of Mini Cranes

Mini cranes are small and compact, for relatively light lifting. They may be mounted on a truck or other mobile structure that travels via treads or tires. They are perfect for use when lifting requirements are in a location with tight access, restricted space or obstructions.

crane anti-collision system

Large or busy sites

If you decide that you will be lifting more than 2 tonnes at perhaps 30 metres your project could take more than 20 weeks, then a larger tower crane will suit your needs and depending on the crane and with the right lifting capacity you may opt for a Saddle jib or flat-top crane or self erecting.

The Right Positioning

There a different reasons why the position can affect the cost. For example, if there is more than one crane being used on the site. Where the crane is sited would matter because of the risk of collisions and can make site operations difficult and unproductive. Each crane having to wait for the other depending on where the items to be lifted are located. If the goods can be stored taking hook time into consideration then this will also reduce your costs. Unless of course you use something like these  2 x Liebherr 81k`s self-erecting cranes in operation, both cranes have anti-collision system fitted.

The Right Height

At Sparrow Crane Hire we will work with the client to ascertain from the client's drawings and detailed information in order to guide the client to the right solution for their project. With these details, it is possible to calculate the right crane for the job and therefore will then arrive at a more cost-effective crane selection. For instance, if there are several buildings surrounding the area if it is possible to crane the items over the lowest building then a smaller less costly crane can be used.

The Right Power

In some cases, three-phase power might be needed. If this is the case it is more cost-effective to have this installed first before getting the crane situated on-site as obviously, your crane will stand ideal while waiting for it to be installed.

Contract Lift or Crane Hire

For this you may want to read through your options as to what you think will be most appropriate for your project. Find out more here.



  • Full Health and Safety procedures regularly monitored
  • Accreditations for :-
  • SMAS (a worksafe contractor)
  • Constructiononline (a UK Government Certification Service)
  • RISQS (Verified)
  • UVDB (Qualified)
  • Safe Contractor (Approved)
  • CPA collective mark
  • aba (Workplace Transport)
  • CPCS (Competence Scheme)
  • Accredited for NPORS training both at our test centres and at your site. This is not only for lifting operations but also lots of other categories of heavy plant.


  • Considerable experience and know-how in mechanical handling equipment, specialist erection, dismantling and heavy lifting & moving.
  • With an established CPCS Test Centre and CSkills Awards Centre (for NVQs) started in the 70’s you can feel confident you are in safe hands.
  • We can guide your operators through the CPCS card scheme
  • We have our own qualified and experienced operators should you require them.
  • You can rely on us :-
  • We can provide unique lifting solutions, above or below ground… even afloat.
  • We have a large fleet of vehicles that suit all types of terrain
  • Onsite training to CPCS & NPORS standard

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