With a Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane a full time cab based driver is not required therefore the driver can assist in slinging loads and reduce total personnel involved in a clients lift. They are fast to erect, agile and easy to operate. Pedestrian Operated Tower Cranes (POTC) are commonly known as self-erecting tower cranes and are usually mounted on a trailer-type chassis that transports the crane to the place of work and are then unfolded and erected. Pedestrian operated means that the controls are operated from ground level and mainly through a unit worn by the operator with the control signals sent to the crane via an umbilical cord or radio signals which allows the operator to walk around site as he operates the crane. View our Pedestrian operated Tower Cranes Here >>>

A trained operator can be supplied by Sparrow Crane Hire or the client can use his own designated operator. CPCS standards training being offered at Sparrow training facility or Non- CPCS training depending on what is required. Onsite training also offered. Check out Sparrow’s training solutions

Potain-Hup40-30 remote control


For those hard to reach places, Sparrow Crane Hire has a state of the art GAPO delivery system. With this system we can solve most issues with siting a crane to suit your project

For more details of a comprehensive list on the different types of self erecting tower crane's that you can hire from Sparrow, visit here for our highly maintained cranes that we have in stock. All with different lifting capabilities from the length of jib to the counterweights used. Ease of use with remote control operation, flexibility for restricted areas, with or without an operator. We will guide you through all the paperwork and help you make the right choice.
View our Case Study of a Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane in action in Wentworth, Surrey.

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  • Full Health and Safety procedures regularly monitored
  • Accreditations for :-
  • SMAS (a worksafe contractor)
  • Constructiononline (a UK Government Certification Service)
  • RISQS (Verified)
  • UVDB (Qualified)
  • Safe Contractor (Approved)
  • CPA collective mark
  • aba (Workplace Transport)
  • CPCS (Competence Scheme)
  • Accredited for NPORS training both at our test centres and at your site. This is not only for lifting operations but also lots of other categories of heavy plant.


  • Considerable experience and know-how in mechanical handling equipment, specialist erection, dismantling and heavy lifting & moving.
  • With an established CPCS Test Centre and CSkills Awards Centre (for NVQs) started in the 70’s you can feel confident you are in safe hands.
  • We can guide your operators through the CPCS card scheme
  • We have our own qualified and experienced operators should you require them.
  • You can rely on us :-
  • We can provide unique lifting solutions, above or below ground… even afloat.
  • We have a large fleet of vehicles that suit all types of terrain
  • Onsite training to CPCS & NPORS standard