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Sparrow Tower Crane Hire provides tower cranes across the U.K. with rental solutions 24/7 365. Self hire or with an Operator. We also provide onsite training to CPCS standards for the client.

With an extensive fleet of Tower Cranes, we can provide you with a wide selection of cranes that perfectly suit your project's needs. Our cranes have been meticulously chosen from various manufacturers for their reliability, flexibility, and efficiency in their designated tasks.

Sparrow Crane Hire, a family-run business established in 1949, has accumulated significant expertise in the crane industry over many years. We continually expand our fleet with new and innovative models to meet the challenges posed by demanding locations.

We offer tower cranes, with a radius of up to 60 metres, and maximum loads of 10,000 kg up to 13.2 metres for all your crane hire requirements.

View our case study City Tower Cranes in Central London in action.

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Also at Sparrow Crane Hire, we take pride in offering for hire the world's largest Self-Erecting Tower Crane, the Spierings SK1265-AT6 eLift, which has been added to our already substantial fleet of Self-Erecting Tower Cranes. You can view our entire range here, including cranes with remote control features.

Safety is paramount. With the eLift's powerful engine, high-performance pneumatic brake system, and excellent visibility, ensures a secure environment both on construction sites and public roads. Unmatched in its class, the SK1265-AT6 eLift features a fifth extendable jib section, combining with four others to provide an unparalleled 60-meter radius. And another impressive feature of this crane is that it is designed to operate 100% emission-free!

In addition to all of the above, we have an extensive fleet of mobile tower cranes, which you can explore here. Just like all our cranes, they undergo regular servicing and maintenance to prioritize safety above all else at our company.

Our mobile tower cranes for hire can be viewed here           

biggest tower crane
  • worlds largest tower crane central London
  • Spierings SK1265-AT6 eLift central London
  • world's largest cane Spierings-SK1265-AT6 eLift
  • Spierings SK1265-AT6 eLift at night
  • Spierings tower crane
  • Spierings eLift
  • Spierings SK1265-AT6
  • worlds largest cane


CPCS Standards
Max Jib lengths of: 60m
Max Heights of: 64.2 m (30° luffed jib)
Max Loads of :10,000kg (up to 13.2 m)    more details >>>


city tower crane hire

Our City/Tower cranes can be operated by a pedestrian operator as a full-time cab based operator is not always required. Have several transport options. Various jib lengths achievable and the flexibility of where they can be erected.

Once delivered, they have remote operation or traditional top cab operation. Once in position they can be erected and ready to work in as little as 20 minutes. 

  • Easy transport logistics and cost savings.
  • Pedestrian Operated – a full time cab based driver is not required.
  • Reduced total personnel involved as the driver can assist in slinging loads.
  • Manoeuvrability on even the most congested job sites.
  • Various jib lengths that are achievable.
  • Fast-erecting
  • Ideal for restricted sites and compact areas.
  • Lifting capacities being designed to meet most needs.

View our case study City Tower Cranes in Central London in action.


Our collection of large cranes serves various industries, handling tasks that involve lifting and moving heavy objects, such as constructing skyscrapers, high-rise apartment complexes, bridges, wind turbines, and other major structures.

For instance, the Flat top Tower Crane consists of a tall, anchored mast or tower and a horizontal jib or boom, which is counterweighted and extends from the top of the mast.

One of the key advantages of tower cranes is their remarkable height-reach capability. The tall pole and long boom of the Flat Top Tower Crane enable it to access even the highest points of buildings and structures, eliminating the need for scaffolding and other support systems. Additionally, tower cranes offer versatility, with their jibs capable of 360-degree rotation and extension to reach different sections of a construction site. Many tower cranes are equipped with a fly jib, further expanding their reach and lifting capacity.

city tower cranes
city tower cranes


Sparrow Crane Hire specialises in the rental of Pedestrian Operated Tower Cranes, also known as self-erecting cranes, allowing them to be delivered and erected in a matter of hours on construction sites with limited space and minimal ground preparation requirements. Being run on single phase or three phase electricity.

They can be hired as self-drive or with an operator.

We can also provide on-site CPCS training for client-designated operatives. Sparrow's training facility provides CPCS standards training or non-CPCS training, depending on the need. On-site training is also available. Check out Sparrow’s training solutions here

View our Self-Erecting Tower Crane Fleet

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Tower Crane has arrived !! Big thank you to all the team at Sparrow Crane Hire Ltd, great planning and coordination by their team, meant a smooth and efficient operation! Highly recommend them 👍

Chris Jones
Site Manager at Harrington Homes (SW) Ltd

Great to see the progress at our New Cross project. Two builds and one very busy site... all going up smoothly thanks to the team on site and our trusted sub-contractors. Sparrow Crane Hire Ltd 🏗, Hopkins Concrete Ltd, Orme Architecture (Orme Limited)

HM Construction Ltd

Getting the boat wet for the first time. A very professional lift by Sparrow Crane Hire to float the boat and check the

Greenhook Fishing

This is a huge shout-out to Sparrow Crane Hire without these, our work would be a logistical nightmare. Sparrow Crane Hire 🚧🏗️

If you purchase a hot tub from us, we will organise any lifts & construction experts. You're in safe hands.

HTP Group-Hot Tubs & Pools

Another successful install boiler plant shipping container and fuel tank and all pipework.

A thank you to Sparrow Crane Hire.

Welding Services Limited

Great bunch of lads over at Sparrow Crane Hire

Keeping it local, this is the second hire we’ve had recently and the service has been second to none. See you again.

Sean Howe - Transport manager at Wheeler & Son Ltd

Here at HTP, We use Sparrow Crane Hire for most of our jobs, they are just 👌

If you purchase a Tub from us, likely hood is these guys will be on site lifting it over the property if there is no access.

HTP Group-Hot Tubs & Pools

Another week transporting and lifting small pods and big homes. Many thanks to Sparrow Crane Hire for their professional

Berkeley Transport

A big well done to our team who last night successfully completed the removal of a redundant timber footbridge in the center of Wadebridge. The project involved manual separation, a contract lift (Sparrow Crane Hire), and road closures to ensure works were carried out as safely as possible whilst being undertaken at night to minimize disruption to the local community. 
DSW Demolition South West Ltd

Many thanks to the chaps at Sparrow Crane Hire for their extraordinary skill and calm under pressure, your expertise ensured the move went without a hitch.

PRICE of Bath

I work in procurement for a local construction firm and we have grown reliant on Sparrow Crane Hire’s friendly team. We have used them for a number of jobs needing mobile cranes and mini cranes and we're always impressed by their speed! I hope this review helps! Thanks. L

Lorraine Hemsley

More ash trees being removed due to the ever-present dieback. Brilliant operating from Sparrow Crane Hire making the job run smooth and fast. Having a crane makes light work of these large trees.
“ If only we could have a crane every day”

J.E Estate Maintenance LTD


    • Full Health and Safety procedures regularly monitored
    • Accreditations for :-
    • SMAS (a worksafe contractor)
    • Constructiononline (a UK Government Certification Service)
    • RISQS (Verified)
    • UVDB (Qualified)
    • Safe Contractor (Approved)
    • CPA collective mark
    • aba (Workplace Transport)
    • CPCS (Competence Scheme)
    • Accredited for NPORS training both at our test centres and at your site. This is not only for lifting operations but also lots of other categories of heavy plant.


    • Considerable experience and know-how in mechanical handling equipment, specialist erection, dismantling and heavy lifting & moving.
    • With an established CPCS Test Centre and CSkills Awards Centre (for NVQs) started in the 70’s you can feel confident you are in safe hands.
    • We can guide your operators through the CPCS card scheme
    • We have our own qualified and experienced operators should you require them.
    • You can rely on us :-
    • We can provide unique lifting solutions, above or below ground… even afloat.
    • We have a large fleet of vehicles that suit all types of terrain
    • Onsite training to CPCS & NPORS standard
    Operator Training Accredited