Starlifter crane

Starlifter mini crawler cranes are compact and tough, and suitable for all types of terrain. The low overall operating weight, compact dimensions and alternative power sources allow the cranes to access sites other cranes simply would not be suitable for.

The cranes low headroom allows them to be used indoors or even underground. The powerful rubber tracked CX-8T with 360 degrees slew and 4 stage telescopic boom, lifts 8 tonnes, yet occupies a footprint of only 3.48 x 3.48 metres.

The compact size allows easy transport by air, water, rail and road.

  • Compact and Tough
  • Suits all types of terrain
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Super Efficient
  • Ideal for restricted working areas
  • Low overall operating weight
  • Low ground pressure
  • Low headroom for internal and underground use
  • Electric, diesel or propane power sources
  • Capacities upto 8 tonnes
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Available for Mini Crane Hire, tight spots and rough terrain pose no problems for the CX-3T and CX-8T Starlifter's. With 360° slew and telescopic boom providing accurate and safe load positioning, the compact and tough Starlifters excel in industry, mining and tunneling, civil engineering, shipping and in military operations. Highly manoeuvrable, Starlifters provide unique lifting solutions, above or below ground... even afloat.

See our Case Study on Mini Cranes in London

See our Case Study of the Starlifter at St Pauls Cathedral London – Mini Crane Hire

Sparrow Crane Hire providing Rooftop Mini Cranes in Central London

Sparrow Mini Crawler Crane works afloat on the River Avon South West and Devon


Starlifter CX-3T Crane

The CX-3T crawler crane has proven itself in civil engineering and other industries as an invaluable solution to lifting, in conditions restricted by height and width, or where difficult access defeated other plant.

Compact, rugged and highly manoeuvrable, the versatile CX-3T, with 360 degree slew, rubber tracks and telescopic boom has been used extensively under and above ground. This light crane is easily portable by air, water, rail and road.  specifications >>>

Starlifter crane CX-3T

Starlifter CX-8T Crane

The CX-8T mini crawler crane is the powerful, compact solution to accurate and safe load positioning in civil engineering and other industrial applications, particularly when access and working conditions are restricted.
Used successfully above and below ground and on pontoons and bridges, the highly manoeuvrable rubber tracked CX-8T, with 360 degrees slew and 4 stage telescopic boom, lifts 8 tonnes, yet occupies a footprint of only 3.48 x 3.48 metres.  specifications >>>

Starlifter crane CX-8T

Starlifter Cranes
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CX-3T & CX-8T At Work
  • CX-3T Air-lifted

    CX-3T Air-lifted onto sluice gate headings for Shuttering and Formwork duties at Cardiff Barrage

  • CX-8T Afloat on the River Avon

    CX-8T Afloat on the River Avon, a Starlifter CX-8T works installing Interlocking sheet piling under the low bridge on the London to East Coast railway bridge

  • CX-8T Low Headroom operations

    CX-8T Low Headroom operations

  • CX-8T Quick dispatch by truck

    CX-8T Quick dispatch by truck

  • CX-8T Working Underground

    CX-8T Working Underground on the Heathrow Express project lifting 1 Tonne tunnel segments into position at a radius of 6.5m with boom at 10m, from adjacent rail position

  • CX-3T Two Starlifters

    CX-3T Two Starlifter's manoeuvre 3.5 tonne acrylic panels into position providing safe viewing windows for tourists visiting new aquaria in the basement at London’s old County Hall

  • Rough Terrain operations

    Rough Terrain operations.

  • Low Headroom operations

    Low Headroom operations.

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