POTAIN Igo 50 Self Erecting Tower Crane

The POTAIN Igo 50 Self-Erecting Tower Crane is compact, easy to erect and operate, and has several transport options. Wireless remote control, quiet and efficient electric motor, state-of-the-art variable frequency motor drives and overload protection system is standard. The crane offers a compact design with a small rear slewing radius that ensures maneuverability on even the most congested job sites. The Igo 50 is the largest crane in the Igo range.

Potain Igo 50

POTAIN Igo 50 Self Erecting Tower Crane

  Max. lifting capacity 4 t
  Maximum Radius 40 m
■  Maximum Tip Capacity 1.1 t
■  Hook Height per Base 23.2 m
■  33.5 m maximum hook height with jib at 20º
■  Optional fixed height cab and access ladder
■  4.5 x 4.5 m footprint
■  480v three-phase power hookup
Wireless remote control


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You can hire The POTAIN Igo 50 Self Erecting crane with or without an operator. We will guide you through all the paperwork and help you make the right choice.

All our machines are regularly serviced so you can trust that your POTAIN Igo 50 Self Erecting crane will be up to the task.

Potain IGO50 self-erecting pedestrian operated Tower Crane in action

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See one of our Potain IGO50 operating in Taunton, the crane enthusiasts will note that the jib is folded back to the jib length setting of 29.6m with a SWL of 1600kgs, this is to allow the full free slew within the site boundary whilst in and out of service. A safety note worth noting is that In accordance with manufacturers advice a trained service engineer is required to unfold the jib weekly. Something we acted on and managed for the customer. For further information email [email protected]  or  [email protected]