Sparrow Crane Hire lifts Boeing aircraft fuselage at PYTCH Event Organisers H.Q. Bristol

Sparrow News

We lifted a Boeing 727 aircraft body into position with a 200te and 80te Cranes

Sparrow Crane Hire lifts it into position a Boeing 727 aircraft fuselage for PYTCH Event Organisers after they purchased the plane for £100,000 for their eco-friendly venture using the aircraft body as office and event space. When new the plane cost over £20 million.

The Boeing 727 aeroplane journeyed via M5, M4 and M32, from the Cotswold airport to PYTCH Head Office in Brislington, Bristol over the weekend travelling on Saturday from 9am until late into the evening.

The 200te Liebherr LTM1200 5.1 and a 80te Grove GMK4080-1 mobile cranes were used on the day.